We believe the best antidote for the pervasive loneliness of quarantine and the uncertainty of our times is to serve others and spread joy.

During the past few months, Grace Street has donated desserts and drinks to frontline workers throughout New York. It has been amazing to see the joy that we can spark through simple acts of kindness. In these difficult times, we have seen unexpected deliveries of burnt cheesecakes elicit laughter from nurses as they take a moment to breathe and decompress. We’ve seen tears of joy as we’ve surprised doctors with birthday celebrations in hospital lobbies. And we constantly receive heartfelt messages of gratitude from frontline workers and their friends and family.


Donating to healthcare workers


There is a shortage of joy and hope in the city. Now more than ever, with the constant wail of sirens, we want to bring back the sound of laughter to New York.

Your order helps us be the hands and feet serving the city. Thank you for partnering with us to bring hope and joy back to New York! You can follow our journey on Instagram @littlegracebakery or sign up for our newsletter to see what we're up to.

Little Grace